1. Analysis & Strategy

Xpitality gathers and analyzes all the information regarding your hotel and your target market. The use of this data will enable us to focus on both the short and the long terms in order to increase your hotel revenue.


Marketing Analysis

The analysis carried out ​​by Xpitality will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the online market positioning of your hotel by paying special attention to your online reputation and ranking on search engines. Thanks to an expert review by one of our consultants, we are able to measure your site’s effectiveness, with a focus on usability, the composition of the visitors and the sources of revenue on the direct channel.

Marketing Strategy

Upon analyzing the data collected, Xpitality will develop a marketing strategy tailored to your facility by taking into consideration its uniqueness and the market in which it operates. We will work closely with the hotel to improve bookings and revenue with a long-term vision, including immediate actions to be taken that may have an impact in the short term. All of our strategic plans include a series of activities; each of which will have established objectives and measurement modes.

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