3. Conversion

The moment of truth: converting the website visitors into clients of your facility, thanks to the most advanced Conversion Oriented Design tools.


Web Design

A hotel’s website is much more than just a business card: it’s a promise that the facility makes to its future clients. Xpitality creates internet websites that clearly transmit and convey your hotel’s strengths, thus ensuring that the client can savor the experience they will have during their stay, even before arriving.

Content Management

The same ease of use that we offer to your users is applied to your site’s management and administration operations: a CMS that is easy to use, designed to enable you to manage your content easily. You can always view your changes by browsing the entire site before placing them online: ease of use with a secure final result.


Thanks to Xpitality, search engines will be your best allies. All our templates are created according to the latest SEO regulation, thus ensuring the highest indexing possible. Thanks to the analysis phase, we will identify the suitable keywords for your target users and we will support you in creating optimized content.

Analytics & Tracking

Tracking conversions is a key element for assessing the success of any marketing initiative: Xpitality will put you in a position to accurately track the bookings coming from each web channel and via telephone, so as to have a timely and insightful analysis on the profitability of the site, the campaigns and social media.

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