Gain a holistic perspective of the performance across all channels

Having an overview of the performance across various web channels is vital for evaluating the effectiveness of your online promotion strategy.

Our comprehensive metrics provide insights into the revenue generated by visits to your site from each channel, including organic search, search engine campaigns (pay per click), social media, email marketing, referrals (such as your business profile on TripAdvisor), maps, metasearch campaigns, print and TV campaigns, and video campaigns.

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Tracking Campaign Effectiveness: Measure the Impact of your Email and Facebook Campaigns

Discover in a few clicks whether your email or Facebook campaigns have achieved the desired results. Regardless of the channel or source, you can track the revenue generated by each website visit.

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How many people make bookings over the phone?

We have the tools to help you accurately track the number of phone calls and bookings resulting from any marketing efforts, whether digital or traditional. With the increasing use of smartphones, a significant portion of website visitors now make bookings over the phone. By utilizing our products and collaborating with your direct sales team, you can precisely determine the impact of various marketing channels, including social media, on phone calls and bookings.

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Do your users easily find the information they seek?

What obstacles lead them to abandon their booking? Why do they choose over your website? Our advanced tools allow us to conduct comprehensive analysis of user behavior, providing valuable qualitative insights. By pinpointing weaknesses in your website and booking engine, we can make the necessary improvements that enhance customer satisfaction and maximize direct revenue.


Increase direct reservations, reduce dependence on OTAs

Meta-search engines such as Google Hotel Ads, TripAdvisor, and Trivago play an increasingly vital role in generating revenue. Our campaigns leverage a management platform equipped with advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, allowing us to convert a significant number of bookings that would otherwise have been captured by OTAs.

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Tailored communication on Google and Bing

As certified Google and Microsoft partners since 2010, our Brand Protection campaigns guarantee your visibility whenever potential customers search for you on leading search engines across all markets your customers come from. Through our retargeting campaigns, we accompany the customer decision-making process by delivering personalized and behavior-based communication, even while they browse other websites.