Cross-platform apps

Connect with your entire customer base

To reach the majority of users, it is essential to develop for both iOS (Apple) and Android (Google, Samsung, Xiaomi, etc.). Xpitality's development approach ensures that applications function and remain updatable on both platforms, leveraging a unified codebase. Getting the best of both worlds.

Phone with app
Hand tapping on a phone

Utilize the same data for multiple apps

APIs play a crucial role in mobile development. Xpitality develops Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that enable your apps and websites to access and share the same data, reducing the need for content maintenance efforts.

App store promotion

Strategies to increase app visibility

Xpitality oversees promotional campaigns for the apps we create, both within and beyond the App Stores (App Store and Play Store). We understand the significance of app dissemination for its success, which is why we will assist you in promoting it to your existing and potential clients.

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