The journey we will embark on together with you

At Xpitality, we follow a bottom-up approach that entails analyzing needs, selecting platforms, and developing e-commerce solutions.

Our expertise spans various technological platforms, enabling us to optimize sales channels on platforms like Google Shopping. Additionally, we specialize in executing digital marketing and retargeting campaigns to foster the conversion of visitors into customers.

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Customized E-commerce solutions for your business

Whether you have a click-and-mortar store looking to expand with an online sales channel or operate solely online, we can support you in creating a comprehensive e-commerce solution. Our solution will seamlessly integrate with your warehouse management software.

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Incremental investments in your newly crafted sales channel

The beginning of a venture must always be sustainable. If you are entering the e-commerce world for the first time, we will guide you in building a minimal feature set to commence sales and validate your business model.

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Our software arsenal

Our toolkit

We leverage prominent market tools such as Magento and Shopify, but for new projects, our go-to choice is Swell: a simple yet powerful back-end solution, fully headless to provide unparalleled customization.

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