Xpitality CMS

Easily update your website's content with a few clicks

Xpitality's CMS platform is powered by robust Amazon and Google cloud technologies and enables clients to independently manage their websites, ensuring the best speed and reliability.

Content Management System

Content Management

Our CMS offers quick and intuitive content management, with real-time previews of edits. Additionally, you can schedule the publishing time and simplify the management of photographic and document assets.

You can use direct video streaming as well as integrations with external video platforms. You can write and translate texts with OpenAI and DeepL and generate AI images with Dall-E, to enhance visual content.

Xpitality CMS is headless: all content is reusable from any other application, ensuring real-time synchronization, for example, with your CRM, booking systems, and mobile apps.

Mobile first

Conversion Oriented design

We maximize conversions by ensuring an optimal user experience on mobile devices.

Web design background

Live. Always.

The speed and functionality of your websites are continously monitored, and our platform is hosted on a hybrid combination of Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform to maximize reliability and availability.

SEO and Analytics

Don't miss a click

Our advanced support for SEO and OpenGraph ensures that your content is optimized for search engines and social shares. We also integrate Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics 4, and Microsoft Clarity to enhance the analysis of interaction with your users.

Web Analytics background

We respect the privacy of your users

Our platform is fully compliant with GDPRDPA, CCPA and the recent EU Digital Markets Act through the integration of a Consent Management Platform and support for Google Consent Mode v2.


Our allies

To guarantee an exceptional service we officially partner with DatoCMS and CookieScript.

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